Deathloop Pre Order and Deluxe DLC bonus guide

Deathloop is right around the corner and is the next big PS5 exclusive in 2021.

Pre-orders are still open for the game ahead of its September 14 release and there’s a couple of cool extras if you do decide to go for it.

In the Deluxe Edition, you’ll get access to the OST as well as two equippable trinkets to use in-game.

Beyond that are some James Bond esque skins to use for both characters – Colt and Juliana. Party Crasher Colt Skin puts our main in a tux and bowtie, giving him an ‘Eat the Rich’ Tribunal Golden Gun to accompany it.

Juliana’s ‘Sharp Shooter’ skin is pretty similar, giving her some long diamond earings and a pair of silk gloves for accompaniment. She also sports a .44 karat fourpounder which looks ferocious in action.

You can also pick up the Transtar Trencher shotgun as a PS5 exclusive with the Deluxe Edition.

Pre-order bonuses also entitle you to a Storm Rider Colt Skin, as well as an additional equippable trinket and a Royal Protector Machete which seems to be a lovely nod to Dishonored.

Deathloop is looking fantastic and we can’t wait to go down the rabbit hole – especially after last night’s presentation – on September 14th!

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