Tales Of Xillia New Costume Pack DLC Now Available

Six new costumes are ready for you to download for Tales Of Xillia right now on PSN.

Tales Of Xillia launched a few weeks ago, and although the narrative somewhat let it down I quite liked the game, and if you’re an old school Tales fan you might appreciate these costumes.

The costumes included are as follows:
·         Jude is wearing the costume of Leon Magnus

·         Milla is dressed as Dhaos from Tales of Phantasia.

·         Alvin gets the  Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia costume

·         Elize unveils for the very first time in 3D HD the costume of Mint Adenade from Tales of Phantasia.

·         Rowen gets Barbatos Goetia’s suit from Tales of Destiny 2

·         Leia dresses as Farah Oersted from Tales of Eternia.

Check them out in action in the video below:

The battle music also changes to that of the same game as the costume when equipped – a nice little touch. Hop on to PSN now to get questing in some nostalgia tinged getups.

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Tom Regan

Tom is a London based preview writer with a burning passion for gaming, he also writes for The Daily Joypad as well as doing freelance work.
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