TERA: Dark Night and Valkyrie Pack DLC offer new gameplay options

TERA, the free to play MMO, has just received a massive Dark Night and Valkyrie PS Plus Pack.

The Valkyrie PS Plus Pack is free for PS+ Subscribers and adds a bundle of items, as well as a PlayStation exclusive Noble Moon wolf mount called the Winged Laurel. This mount restores HP and MP 500 EMP Traveler’s Insurance – enabling you to summon town merchants, bankers, and trade brokers from anywhere.

The pack also contains a 7 day 100% XP boost, which lets you level up the Valkyrie twice as fast.

On top of that, a £49.99 Dark Night Pack has also launched which adds a ton of gear and goodies, such as an Ashen flying drake mount. This mount restores HP and MP, but also provides a speed buff for nearby players.

What’s more, this major pack adds a Night Watch costume, plus 15 days of elite status and 1,000 EMP to spend in store.

The Dark Night pack can be picked up here if you’ve got a spare fifty quid lying around and the exclusive TERA: Valkyrie PS Plus pack is here

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