Tetris 99 gets offline modes in new Premium Big Block DLC

A surprise piece of DLC has dropped for Tetris 99 today, adding new offline modes to the Battle Royale Blockbuster.

Big Block DLC costs £8.99 and introduces two new offline modes, with a third arriving later this year, rumoured to be Team Battle.

First up, the classic Marathon Mode will let you go for the highest score and most lines with a score that can then be recorded online

There’s also a CPU Battle where you can compete against 98 other bots before jumping online to take on the rest of the world.

While Tetris 99 can only be played using a Nintendo Switch Online account, these two new offline modes don’t require the subscription.

What’s more, Grand Prix #3 will begin on 17th May and if you earn 100 points, you’ll unlock a Game Boy Tetris theme to celebrate 35 years of Tetris.

What do you think of the previous Nintendo Switch Online title receiving paid offline DLC? It’s certainly attracted some controversy.