RAGE 2 will have extensive DLC roadmap through 2019

RAGE 2 releases tomorrow and we now know the game will be supported post-launch through to Fall 2019.

Beginning this month with the launch of the game, you’ll be able to pick up weapon skins, check out wasteland challenges and even compete in a World Event called ‘Bring the Ruckus’.

June adds more Wasteland Challenges, while adding new Cheat Codes and Weapon Skins, along with a new World Event ‘Mech Yourself Before you Wreck Yourself’ and a Day 30 Update, presumably launching on June 13th.

July does more of the same, with the World event called ‘Global Worming’ and a whole new ride being added for you to play, the One-Wheeler. Sounds dangerous!

August gets a bit more interesting, offering up the first paid expansion for the game – Rise of the Ghosts. This will add new story, weapons, abilities, vehicles, and areas, while introducing us to a new enemy faction. Additionally, you can try out World Event ‘Mutant Derby’.

Then sometime in the fall, the second expansion – currently unamed – will also release, along with more skins, challenges and events.

Sounds like Bethesda will be busy with this one! RAGE 2 releases May 14th on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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