The Elder Scrolls Online will probably never come to Switch

In an interview with Matt Firor at Gamescom, we spoke to him about TESO and what the future might hold.

One of the questions that came up revolved around Switch, to which he replied

‘Everyone’s asking me about Switch, it’s really interesting’.

However, when we asked if a game like TESO could work on the handheld, Matt admitted they’ve looked into it but it probably wouldn’t be a good fit.

‘We’ve looked at it, we’d be foolish not to. The thing with Switch is, it’s a fantastic device, and it shows, once again, graphical fidelity doesn’t trump gameplay. Because you can have a ton of fun games on there that don’t look as good as their PC counterparts but it’s fantastic. I love it. I love it as a device.’

‘The thing with TESO is, it’s far too big of a game to fit on it. The footprint, alone, is 60 to 70 gigs and the limit on Switch is 16. So we would have to cut the game down really significantly and I don’t think it would end up being a good experience.’

‘It’s hard to believe but TESO was arcitected between 2008 to 2010. The World was much different back then and we obviously didn’t know the Switch was going to happen. That was not on our list of priorities.’

There is some good news, however. Matt admitted during the interview.

‘If I was to start making a new game now, I would definitely think about all platforms.’

Despite Skryim running seamlessly on the handheld, it seems, at least for now, it won’t be getting The Elder Scrolls Online.  But maybe there’s hope for any future Bethesda MMORPGs, we’ll have to wait and see.

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