The Elder Scrolls Online will have one big chapter every year

In our interview with Matt Firor at Gamescom, he confirmed that The Elder Scrolls Online will receive one major chapter every year.

Following the release of Morrowind last year and Summerset this year, Matt confirmed that current plans also include three additional DLCs every year in the vein of Murkmire, Dragon Bones and Wolfhunter.

‘We are committed now to having one big chapter a year. And then the three smaller DLCs.’

‘It’s one big chapter a year, usually around June, two dungeon DLCs, and then what we call a standard DLC.’

‘We might mix it up a bit year on year, but I think that’s a good mix. And it gives all different kinds of ESO players new content’

Next year will certainly follow the same pattern, with Matt confirming…

‘Certainly from 2019, we’re continuing (in that direction). We’re well into our plans for that because obviously these things take time.’


‘We’re well into our 2019 chapter right now. We’re already conceptualising our 2020 one.’

He also confirmed that their upcoming content..

‘Is going to be the most ambitious thing we’ve ever done.’

What could it be? Sound off with your guesses below…

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