The Expansive Vodcast #9 Thirsty Meeples

Thirsty Meeples is a cafe that houses over 2000 boardgames, all available for you to try out, play and enjoy, all while having a drink and a bite to eat, brought to you at your table.

Sounds like those times when you were a kid and your parents brought you cookies and milk, while you battled your sister’s goblins in Hero Quest, doesn’t it? Just us then.

Neil Hickton and Smiley Dave ventured into Oxford by train on a very sunny and hot day in July to go and meet up with John, the owner and Jason one of Thirsty Meeples’ Game Gurus, who are on hand to help you understand the rules to the many games they have to offer.

Boardgames paved the way for what we all play now in video game form and it is clear that without them the world would be a less interesting place. The imagination, the imagery, the fun and the new, boardgames are there to challenge each other face to face and Thirsty Meeples is there to make sure you can maximise your time in the process.

Thirsty Meeples is a fantastic achievement and you should go check them out and try out their games.

In the mean time, watch The Expansive Vodcast show 9 to learn more about Thirsty Meeples

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