Neil Hickton

As We Play

MotoGP14 PS4 – As We Play

Format – PS4 Fast motorbikes and fast cars are exciting things indeed and none more so than those piloted by experts around well-established tracks. Whether they are paid professionals or unpaid amateurs, their skill, cunning and bravery are all easy things to spot and appreciate from the comfort of the…

Playstation 4

The Expansive Vodcast Show #6

Show six brings the frights to the Vodcast team for a third and final time (for now at least). Smiley Dave is the test subject with the main question, “Are more recent horror survival games more scary than a few years ago?” Is it their real-looking graphics or simply an…


The Expansive Vodcast Show #5

The Vodcast crew Neil Hickton, Andy Buick and Smiley Dave bring more thunderous amusement to you with show number five! Continuing with the theme from the last Vodcast episode; Neil and Andy make Dave play a series of three horror games, this time EA classic and originalm Dead Space is…

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