The Falconeer Day One Edition features a nice mix of digital and physical content

The Falconeer is shaping up to be one of the most interesting titles on the Xbox Series S l X launch lineup.

Coming to PC and Xbox, The Falconeer is being published by the brilliant folks at Wired Productions and is made by a practically one-person team, Tomas Sala.

The game is also getting a physical release alongside digital and it’s the physical release which has actually caught our attention.

Known as the Day One Edition, you can get a reversible sleeve for The Falconeer – which supports Smart Delivery across all Xbox devices.

There’s also a nice looking sticker sheer featuring some stunning stills of the game in action and a gorgeous lenticular card, along with some neat digital extras out of the box.

Your box is rounded out with a  full digital soundtrack for the game, as well as a Digital Game Guide which goes into more detail about the game.

It looks staggeringly good and more than makes us think of the excellent Panzer Dragoon.

The Falconeer releases on PC and Xbox on November 10th.


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