The Falconeer gets new ‘The Hunter’ DLC alongside Xbox Game Pass release

Wired Productions excellent shooter The Falconeer now has its first paid DLC in the form of ‘The Hunter’.

Costing just £1.69 / $1.99 across PC and Xbox, a ton of new content has been added to the game including a brand new class – Mongres Hunter.

This lets you ‘fly ceremonial Ormir’s’ which now lets players ‘have the ability to fly dragons’. You can also access Pyro Pots in the game and are upgradeable from any ‘of the many stores throughout the settlements of The Great Ursee.’

The Falconeer has also received a ton of Quality of Life upgrades, such as map updates, custom checkpoints, and more.

Tomas Sala, the solo developer of the game isn’t done, though. Saying ‘Some have called The Falconeer uncompromising, but they haven’t seen what’s coming next.’

Sala adds ‘Be warned, I’m working on some interesting and crazy stuff, and you’ll never guess what’s in the pipeline.’

Let the speculation commence!

Meanwhile, The Falconeer has also joined Xbox Game Pass for PC and Console from today, so even more people can check out this awesome shooter. And they absolutely should!

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