The Knight Bus will take you to Hogwarts Castle for Remote Fortressing in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Remote fortress challenges are coming to Harry Potter Wizards Unite in the next major update.

The Knight Bus will be able whisk you away from the comfort of your own home to Hogwarts Castle where you’ll be able to take part in Fortress Challenges remotely.

Players will need to be Level 7 or over, then they’ll be able to click on the new Knight Bus button. From there, they can spend Runestones on the chambers they want.

Wizards Unite Hub have confirmed that there will be no clear way to do Wizarding Challenges with friends. The example they use is that ‘if you and a roommate both take the Knight Bus in your game, and you choose the same Chamber, there’s a small possibility that you’ll end up in a Wizarding Challenge, but no guarantee’. The likelihood is, you’ll be matched with random players from all over the world.

There are some details we’re still not clear on. Firstly, when it will launch – there’s no date yet. We also don’t know if there is some sort of premium attached to travelling.

One thing we know for sure, the Knight Bus is here to stay. That surely means this will be a permanent feature from this point forward. Exciting!

We speculated about this recently on our new Departure Denied Podcast and will have another coming very soon. Listen in here…

(Image Courtesy of Orange Wizard)

(Additional info courtesy of Wizards Unite Hub)

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