The Mouth of Souron Comes to Middle Earth.

The Mouth of Souron (Ya’ know that Nazgul looking guy who appeared briefly in Return of the King) joins the host of playable characters in the console based Guardians of Middle Earth from Monolith Productions in their latest DLC Update. Check out the reveal trailer below!

Hailing from Barad-dur Along with the rest of the Nazgul. The Mouth of Souron has the sole task of spreading the word of Souron throughout Mordor. Playing as the Mouth of Souron you will be making use medium to long ranged based attacks that will not only drain the health of your enemies but also give The Mouth of Souron momentary invulnerability.

The DLC is available for purchase now on both XBLA for 160  Microsoft Points or the PlayStation Newtwork store, so you can go enjoy all the Mouth has to offer right away!

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