Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege now updated for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5

Ubisoft have revealed that Rainbow Six Siege is now fully compatible on next-gen platforms.

The next-gen version can run up to 120fps and in 4K with render scaling. It also features cross-progression and cross-play across all consoles, with further enhancements to take advantage of the new systems.

Additionally, Operation Neon Dawn, the final season of Year 5 is now available across all formats, including new features, such as Aruni, a new Operator, and a rework of the Skyscraper map.

If you own the Year 5 Pass, you can play with Aruni right now, while everyone else can unlock from December 8th. The Year 5 Season 4 Battle Pass is also available until February 22nd.

Rainbow Six Siege recently came onto Xbox Game Pass, opening up its playerbase wider than ever before. The game is now available across all formats.

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