Tomb Raider gets Micro-Transactions added

Square Enix have stealthily followed the recent micro-transaction trend and added a bunch to the Steam version of Tomb Raider.

Many major games in 2013 have received these little micro-transactions that allow gamers to boost. Dead Space 3. Gears Judgment. Now Tomb Raider.

Check out this list…

  • Animal Instinct (The Animal Instinct upgrade can be purchased early)
  • Headshot Reticule (This lets Lara use her weapons more accurately)
  • Agility Skill (Let’s Lara Jump higher and recover from bigger falls)
  • Pistol Burst (Three bullets at one time makes for more effective killing)
  • Pistol Silencer (Makes for better stealth killing)

Something tells me this won’t be the end of these micro-transactions either.

All of them are available on Steam for just £0.59p each.

Update: These are also available on Xbox 360 for 80MSP each. Thanks Ben Gray!

Check them all out here in full


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