Total War: ROME II – Rise of the Republic DLC poised for greatness on August 9

Total War: ROME II will receive a brand new expansion on August 9 entitled Rise of the Republic.

Rise of the Republic is set 399 BC and sees Rome on the cusp of greatness, though it is set to receive its sternest test from a variety of tribes and dictators.

There’s the Gallic Senones tribe, settled in Eastern Italy, who are ambitious and fierce. Players will also need to keep an eye on Dionysius, ruler of Syracuse, who has waged war with Carthage, but has greater ambitions.


As for Taras, it is reaching the zenith of glory and power under Archytas.

This will represent a crossroads in history and see a republic rise to prosperity.

Rise of the Republic will retail for £10.79 until 9th August, after which it will cost £11.99.



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