Turrican Flashback makes long awaited return on January 29th

Turrican is finally making a comeback and it’s sooner than you may have been expecting.

Coming January 29th, Turrican Flashback will bring Turrican 1, 2, Super Turrican, and Mega Turrican together for the first time on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Turrican Flashback restores the classic games in their original glory, while also adding a ‘Rewind’ feature that lets you skip back to a safer state during a tense fire fight or tricky platforming section.

The games have an updated control scheme to suit modern platforms and these have been tested by veteran Turrican players across Europe. The games have been redesigned to make them more accessible to new players, adding more precision to shots and jumps.

Turrican Flashback also offers custom display options, shaders and wallpapers, save states, and the original score from Chris Huelsbeck.

Turrican Flashback will release on Switch and PS4 on January 29th.

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