Going Under Working From Home update live on PC now, consoles February 25

Going Under, the office based rogue-like from Aggro Crab Games and Team 17, has a major free content update.

Available from today on PC, then on consoles on February 25th, the new ‘Working From Home’ update adds new items, abilities, locations, and costumes.

The major update adds Jackie’s room as a location, providing an additional 11 outfits for players to dress themselves in.

There’s also 25 new abilities, 9 new curses, and 34 additional in-game items, all alongside a brand new app.

Two new modes are also being included. An Overtime mode adds seven new levels of difficulty to the existing dungeons, while Imposter Mode has you completing the three main dungeons in a random order, leading to a brand new boss fight with The Imposter.

Rolodex have also been added to the game so if you kill an enemy using one of the blank business cards, then you can trap its soul for eternity. Eep!

The Working From Home update is available now on PC and comes to consoles next month on February 25th.

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Brad Baker

Brad is an absolute horror buff and adores the new take on I.T. He also fancies himself as a bit of a Battle Royale master but never when anyone's watching.
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