Ubisoft release Watch Dogs 2 live launch trailers

Today’s the big day for Marcus Holloway as he usurps Aiden Pierce as the big dog in hackers paradise. Or something.

A series of epic trailers have hit to celebrate the games’ launch and we’ve put them all in one easy to find place.

First up, Drone Racing! Three YouTubers got a chance to fly some drones in a Dedsec Drone Race.  This was met with – shall we say – mixed results. See for yourself here.

Next up is a Live Trailer which immediately shows how much of a character Marcus is compared to broody Aiden.

There’s even a few guest cameos in there while you wait for the money shot, but we’ll let you see for yourself.

Finally, an Accolades Trailer with some press quotes and gameplay footage, also advertising the Watch Dogs 2 PS4 bundle and the fact that DLC comes to that platform first.

Tune in for the epic action, watch it through for Kanye.

Watch Dogs 2 has launched with its issues but we’ve heard mostly great things from our friends and colleagues.

You can catch the original launch trailer here, as well as the Season Pass Trailer which gives you a flavour of the upcoming content.


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