Vostok Inc Pinball Paradise DLC arrives in Arcade Paradise, New High Score Edition with all DLC announced

In a surprise release today, Arcade Paradise will be getting some new pinball themed DLC to celebrate Wired’s 15th Birthday.

Nosebleed Interactive have gone back to their roots with some Vostok Inc inspired Pinball DLC, adding a Vostok themed table to the game.

This will include tilt functions as expected, but there will also be missions for players to beat and you’ll also be encouraged to go for skillshots to increase multipliers in a way that celebrates the twin-stick shooter.

And if you manage to hit the multiball, you’ll get MAXIMUM MOOLAH.

The release will be available today across all formats, except for Nintendo Switch which will receive it a little later on May 25.

In addition, Arcade Paradise is part of a wider sale to celebrate Wired Productions 15th birthday and will be 35% off.

A new Arcade Paradise: High Score Edition has also been added to the Wired catalogue which gives you access to all of the game’s DLC so far. This includes the Coin-Op Packs, Kung Fury Cabinet and the pinball.

Arcade Paradise Pinball is available for $1.99 / £1.79 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The new High Score Edition is also available for $27.99 / £22.99.

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