Wargroove Double Trouble Free DLC launches February 6

A major free DLC for Wargroove is arriving next month on most platforms.

Available for Switch, PC and Xbox One, with PS4 to follow, Wargroove Double Trouble puts you in the shoes of the Outlaw Faction

The big update here is a co-op campaign with new Commanders, public and private multiplayer lobbies, new editor tool updates, balance tweaks and more.

The DLC trailer plays to a lovely Scottish theme and shows off some of the character abilities, such as Wulfar’s massive hammer swinging skills, Errol & Orla’s slingshot and Vesper’s whip.

The campaign seems to involve a heist and will take players to areas like Cherrystone, Heavensong, and Felheim.

Some of the new units include Thieves and Riflemen, and among the new editing tools you can add volcano biome for lava-filled terrain.

Wargroove Double Trouble looks ace and it’s completely free if you own the game. So if you haven’t picked up Wargroove yet, now is definitely the perfect time!


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