Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions gets launch trailer

Watch Dogs 2 latest DLC will reintroduce fan-favourite Jordi into Marcus’ universe. One of the highlights of the original game, off the wall Jordi now joins unorthodox T-Bone who featured in the first piece of Watch Dogs 2 content.

Human Conditions will feature 3 new Deadsec missions, as well as a new enemy class – the Jammer – who can – unsurprisingly – jam hacks.


The first massion, Bad Medicine, sees you out on a boat espionage missions, flying a drone.

The second mission, Caustic Progress, takes you to an underground facility where there is plenty of shooty-bang-bang and explosions.

Finally, Automata – not to be confused with Nier – sees you drive a flashy looking futuristic car in high speed police chases. Wild!

With further Elite Co-Op Challenges and over 5 hours of content, this seems a healthy, worthwhile package and gives you plenty of reason to dip back into the Watch Dogs world.

Remember, PS owners get it 30 days in advance. If you’ve got the game on any other format, sorry, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

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