Watch Dogs 2 T-Bone DLC pushed back

The first piece of DLC for Watch Dogs 2 is going to release a little later this month on PS4. This is due to the plethora of patches Ubisoft have had to put together because of continued issues with the seamless multiplayer.

We’ve well documented these issues with Watch Dogs 2 since launch and while we’ve yet to play the game ourselves, we’ve been kept fully aware of what’s been going on.

A patch released back in November for both PS4 and Xbox One which introduced phase 1 of the Seamless Multiplayer. This seems to have been received fairly well, but there’s still a lot of work to be done with further updates expected shortly.

The DLC in question was the T-Bone content pack which was originally scheduled for December 13th. Now, however, it’s expected one week later on December 22nd. Xbox One and PC players will have to wait a little longer, as they’ll get in on January 24th. This will add T-Bone’s likeness to the game, as well as a truck and a new co-op difficulty level.

Fortunately, players will get to check out a special T-Bone Chaos event on December 19th for four weeks. This will be free to all players, proving them new challeges each week where they can earn in-game currency and unique rewards.

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