Watch Dogs enforces controversial online option

A controversial online option has made its way into Watch Dogs and will infringe on the single-player campaign. In an early review of the game, assumed a case of a broken embargo, WCCFtech gave Watch Dogs a 7.2 and cited that the game punishes its players who may wish to turn off the Online Invasions option.

If players choose to turn off the Online Invasions mode, all skills accumulated will be reset to zero. All online-specific skills reset to zero act as punishment for not wanting to play online. Essentially, you either allow players to keep invading your game and everything will act as normal, or you choose to stop that and the game will reset your progress. Not cool, Ubisoft. Here’s the actual quote from the review

One huge caveat/punishment Ubisoft implemented is when you do turn off the Online Option, all your skills accumulated are reset to zero. You read that right. They all get reset to zero. All the online-specific skills reset to zero as punishment for not wanting to play online, something which is entirely disappointing. Either you keep getting invaded, or you get punished for wanting to play sometimes and not other times with the online mode.

We imagine this will probably get patched out sooner rather than later. As you can imagine, the online uproar is already pretty substantial, and most find this pretty unacceptable.  Just take a look at NeoGAF and Reddit…

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