Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept coming in June

A major new expansion will be coming to Killzone Shadow Fall in just a few weeks time. Entitled Intercept, up to four players can band together and make a bid for survival against a mutual enemy.

Together, you become an elite VSA team known as Intelligence Squad Alpha. Your mission is to intercept and relay Helghast military transmissions to the VSA headquarters. The aim is to keep Helghast away to establish the uplink, then transmit the data. Each member of your four person team is equipped to handle this as you have Assault, Marksman, Tactician and Medic. As a result, you will all need to co-operate and collaborate in order to repel invasion and capture attempts.

A team score is provided to encourage unity, and it indicates how close you are to establishing a Hacking Uplink, but also it increases when defending the Uplinks and by banking Personal Score from kills, ability uses and recaptures. You can even earn rewards and gain jetpacks and airstrikes. Any deaths or loss of uplink will incur a penalty on Team Score, and if everyone dies, and the Team Score is low, the mission is an instant failure. The enemy is lethal and will change tactics, and summon in champions to change the tide of battle.

The content releases in June and is part of the Season Pass bundle. A standalone version will release later in the year. Guerilla Games have been generously updating the game over the last few months. Just this week, players received a free map, Canyon, situated deep within one of the Petrusite fissures scarring planet Helghan, The Canyon is all that remains of the once-stately palatial quarters in the city of Pyrrhus.

More on Intercept as we get it.

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