Watch Dogs: Legion Update 4 adds new DLC content for Season Pass holders

The first major title update for Watch Dogs: Legion has gone live and there’s a brand new playable character being added to the mix.

Mina Sidhu has mind control abilities as well as a mental blast which disrupts any nearby enemies.

Season Pass holders will also be able to take on a new DedSec Story mission, Swipe Right.

A ton of free content has also been added to the game, for both the single-player and online component.

Among the updates are two new operatives, five new operative abilities, and operative customisation.

Online now has an additional three co-op missions, and two co-op gadgets.

At the end of the month, players will also receive two new PvP modes – Extraction and Invasion. Project Omni – a new intense and challenging mission – will also be added.

Then in late June we will have the Aiden Pearce DLC – Bloodline, and in August, Darcy from Assassin’s Creed will join the Watch Dogs ranks.

Watch Dogs: Legion is now available across all formats, but we think it feels completely at home on Xbox Series X!

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