Zombie Army 4 begins its third season of content from today

Zombie Army 4 is heading into its third season of content and it all begins with a new campaign mission.

Terminal Error is the first of a three-part campaign entitled Return to Hell, and it starts with a transmission that takes the deadhunters to a derelict, Italian base.

Playable for between 1-4 players, the mission is available as part of Season Pass 3 for Zombie Army 4 for £29.99. It can also be purchased individually for £5.99.

In addition, players will be able to get the following as part of a content drop from today.

• Undercover Marie Outfit
• Zombie Headgear Pack
• MI934 Pistol Bundle
• Elemental Weapon Skins
• Zombie Charm Pack

Zombie Army 4 also now has a Nightmare Mode which adds more enemies to the map, and it’s unlocked as soon as you beat the main campaign.

New voice selection options have also been introduced for player characters, and finally, a new Horde mode map – Frozen in Fear – has been implemented into the game at no additional cost.

The Season 3 roadmap will also add 5 character skin packs, 5 weapon bundles, 5 weapon skin packs, 4 headgear packs, and 4 charm packs

Zombie Army 4 is now available across all platforms.

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