What will be the September 2019 Community Day for Pokémon GO?

In a rare turn of form, we’ve had two Community Days in quick succession on Pokémon GO.

Just yesterday, Blue Ralts were popping up all over the place with a new move to boot, and a few weeks before was the delightful looking Shiny form of Mudkip. The quickest time between Community Days since PoGO launched.

But now Niantic have wrapped things up with Starters from Gen 3, things are about to get interesting. Gen 5 has already been teased for inclusion in a recent poster and if the game is true to form, we could see the Unova Region as soon as this October.

But with several Gen 3 and 4 Pokémon not available in game, Niantic still have a bit of work to do first.

With odd months usually giving us Starter Pokémon and Even months giving us something a bit more random, that now means it’s the turn of Gen 4 Starters to get featured in Community Days. So it would seem highly likely that the next Community Day will be centered around the Water, Grass and Fire types from the Sinnoh Region.

If keeping to form, that means we could start seeing Gen 5 Shiny Starters as soon as March next year now Niantic have caught up with themselves! Maybe starting with a Shiny Tepig? That would surely be the quickest time between a Gen launch and Shiny chance on Starter.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves, though. In all likelihood, the September Pokémon GO Community Day will be either Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup. Our money is on Turtwig since the last grass type – Treecko – was featured back in March, and that works to Niantic’s Rotation.

Turtwig’s definitely a fan-favourite, and evolves into a Grotle, then a Torterra. A Go Shiny would certainly be welcome with its super cute light blue body.

Credit: Tumblr

Beyond that, it’s tough to know how Niantic are going to play this. With the Team Rocket stuff taking over the game and Shadow Pokémon having a bigger part to play, it’s an exciting time for PoGo players.

It feels like Niantic are approaching things very differently and we could even see a Community Day centered around Team Rocket. Perhaps the conspicuous absence of Shiny Meowth is setting us up for a future crossover Community Day?

Other rumoures suggest Gible will have its own Community Day due to its rarity in the game. Possibly Togepi. Some are even speculating that Niantic will rollout a Gen 8 Pokémon for the October Community Day to celebrate the upcoming launch of Sword and Shield, similar to how Meltan was introduced in the game.

While September’s Community Day almost seems to be a lock, October’s is far less obvious and that makes it genuinely quite exciting, especially with Gen 5 coming to the game and a whole new gen soon on the way.

What do you think PoGo’s remaining 2019 Community Days will be? Shout out below. 

(Credit for Image: Reddit)

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