Super Mario Maker 2 – Best New Levels of the Week 05/08

Each week we’ll be checking out a handful of new levels on Super Mario Maker 2 and letting you know what’s about.

We’ll mostly focus on courses in the ‘New’ tab of the game, but keep an open mind on what’s ‘Hot’ and ‘Popular’. Especially if you’ve got some recommendations for us.

Got a course you want us to try? Leave your code in the Comments Section and it could get featured in a future edition.

Level – Another p-switch jumper
Course ID – HNJ-W2S-J0G
Author – Yee2theHaw
Setting – Super Mario Bros 3

We’ll start with something short and sweet. This level is all about switches, but not always in the traditional sense. As well as pressing them, you’ll need to time your jumps when hitting the blue blobs to get enough spring to reach the highest point of the level. It’s quite smartly designed, relatively well balanced, and a nice little challenge. Not a level that’s going to rock the foundations of SMM2 and nothing you haven’t seen before. But decent all the same.

Level – Le château de Bowser
Course ID – R0S-FSW-32G
Author – dertu90
Setting – New Super Mario Bros U

I was impressed with the fun visual effects and creativity in this one. There’s a little bit of everything here, a dash of puzzle-solving, some well-timed action, a few surprises, and a nice satisfying conclusion. Plus you get to fight Bowser, so there’s that. It’s short and sweet like the first, and you probably won’t spend longer than five minutes on it. but it’s a good time well had. Bravo!

Course of the Week

Level – Jungle Love
Course ID – TTG-XC5-6KF
Author – coaxtroops
Setting – Super Mario World

This was a lovely little surprise. I’m all about puzzle-solving in Mario games and this one nailed it. The mini-game at the start has you directing a series of Bobombs at the cocky Koopa in the bottom right of the picture. You need to kill him to grab a key that unlocks the red door you see below Mario. It’s actually quite brilliant, but the trickery doesn’t stop there. A fun level I had a proper love/hate relationship with, and the music works a charm.

Level – the aweso level
Course ID – TY4-2P5-YXF
Author – PUMPqeeee
Setting – Super Mario 3D World

We’ll close this with something a little random and out there, because it wouldn’t be a Super Mario Maker 2 level roundup without the ‘bonkers level’. There’s definitely a few out there this week, but this stuck out for the sheer outrageousness of it all. Dozens of Koopa Bros throwing hammers at you, buzzy bees desperate to sting some butt, clear tubes, far too many Bullet Bills and some springs for good measure. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too difficult, but it managed to feel relatively fair through all the imbalanced odds and it actually gave me a smile. Good work.

Come back next week for some more of our favorite Super Mario Maker 2 levels.

If you’ve got a level for us to try, shout out in the comments below..

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