Wii U Price Cut And Wind Waker HD Wii U Bundles Announced – Deluxe Now $50 And £30 Cheaper

Nintendo has announced a $50 price drop for Wii U. Beginning on September 20, the Wii U Deluxe model will be available for $299.99 in North America.

In a surprise move yesterday Nintendo went all out and announced both a price cut for Wii U, a new iteration of the 3DS and confirmed the existence of the leaked Windwaker HD Wii U Bundle.

Sadly for UK gamers there has been no official word on a price drop, but the newly announced Windwaker HD bundle will retail for £249.99  on the 4th October- around £30 less than the Deluxe model was being sold before.

Check out the new limited edition Zelda-fied Wii U in all it’s glory below. The bundle includes everything you’d expect to find in a Deluxe Wii U – minus Nintendoland. This edition also includes a digital copy of Windwaker HD and a digital copy of the popular Hyrule Historia book.


Admit it,that is one sexy looking box.


It’s no secret that the Wii U isn’t exactly setting the world on fire, so Nintendo oping for a $50 price cut in North America makes a lot of sense. This price cut combined with the incredibly strong holiday 2013 Wii U lineup means now  is a great time for those on the proverbial fence to jump in and enjoy some HD Nintendo goodness.

Sadly for UK gamers, as stated above the price cut only equates to a £30 difference in the UK, but with the rapid retailer led price cuts of late, it would hardly be surprising for the Wii U’s price to fall even lower on our fair shores.

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