Wizards Unite – How to Prestige your Registry Page safely with full Fragment carry over

There’s been a lot of confusion around prestiging pages on Wizards Unite with the new update.

We have prepared a short video which shows you the process of prestiging a page while making sure the excess Foundable fragments carry over to the next page.

Go into Registry and the page you want to prestige. Only place the image that you can newly place – don’t touch anything that has a Green Star – then place the image and go back to the main map. Reload the registry, go back to that page, check the new placed image has a number – I.E 10 out of 10 not 0 out of 10 – If it does, click Prestige and everything should cross over.

DO NOT press any images that have green stars, unless you want to use fragments to replace an image. I suggest you only do this on Gold.

There have been many issues with this as some people have prestiged and lost all of their fragments (however, WB/Niantic are investigating to see if there’s anything they can do)

For more details on this, read our news post.

Fazes, Community Manager for WU has also posted this morning.

We also have an unofficial Wizards Unite Podcast called Departure Denied

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