Harry Potter: Wizards Unite reduces Foundable numbers in the Registry, lets you Re-Up placed images

Update 08/05

We’ve prepared a video example for you on how this process works.

Go into Registry and the page you want to prestige. Only place the image that you can newly place – don’t touch anything that has a Green Star – then place the image and go back to the main map. Reload the registry, go back to that page, check the new placed image has a number – I.E 10 out of 10 not 0 out of 10 – If it does, click Prestige and everything should cross over.

DO NOT press any images that have green stars, unless you want to use fragments to replace an image. I suggest you only do this on Gold.

Original Story: A surprise update has gone live for Wizards Unite that makes massive changes to the Registry.

The number of fragments of Foundables needed to prestige pages has been slightly increased across Low and Medium, and massively reduced across High, Severe, and Emergencies. The Challenge Registry has also had a massive nerf and you need way less fragments than before. For instance, Wands you previously needed 150 fragments for, you now only need 7 on the base page. See the image below for the new requirements.

What’s more, if you have placed an image on a Page, you can Re-Up so you can collect and place the image again for more Family XP. However, I would only advise you do this on Gold Pages or your fragments won’t count towards the next page when you prestige.

We’ll be discussing this in more detail on a future Departure Denied Podcast, but for now take a listen to our latest episode.

As you might expect, the update has already proven controversial with the community as they’re still waiting for a proper official explanation from WB Games and Niantic about what this is supposed to do exactly.

When this was randomly announced last night, many people assumed the difference between what you had prior to the update and what the new requirement is on the page of in-progress fragments would carry over. It seems, however, that’s only happening for images that were placed before this update. For ones that weren’t, if you have more fragments than the new requirement  – E.G 12 out of 10 – you can now place that image but you will lose the additional two fragments (they won’t be carried over to the next page).

As an example, if you placed an image that needed 33 fragments previously and now only needs 10, if you choose not to Re-Up that fragment the difference carries over to the next page and you can place the image immediately if you’ve already hit the number requirement.

For instance, Percival Graves was 33 on the Bronze Fallen Ministry Atrium Page, but now you only need 10 of him. And on the Silver Page you need 13, so because you’re carrying over 23, you can now immediately place the image, giving him a Green Star Dot which means he can be Re-Upped. You probably don’t want to do this for any of the high threat foundables, though, unless you’re on a Gold Page, or fancy giving yourself a greater challenge.

We’re unsure what happens if you try to go Gold – whether those extra 10 Graves will go towards the needed fragments on the Gold page.

There’s already been a disparity tonight with the feature going live without an update on the App Store. Anybody that prestiged their pages before updating have lost all their fragments that should have been carried over. WB and Niantic acknowledged this by having an in-game pop up appear advising players not to prestige yet, but by that point it was too late for a lot of people.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops, but for now just be very cautious about clicking anything in the registry until there’s official word from WB on this.

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