Wolfenstein II: The Freedom Chronicles The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe DLC Review

Gunslinger Joe is the first of three DLC packs for the excellent Wolfenstein II but sadly it falls far short of the mark.

Joe Stallion is a former professional Quarterback who has been enslaved by the nazis and coerced to play for them. But when he decides enough is enough and publically rebels, he is taken to Roderick Metze’s Research Lab in Illinois.

Metze’s a scary dude who used to be a dentist and he has all kinds of sinister schemes up his sleeve. Fortunately for ‘Gunslinger’ Joe Stallion, he has the tools to fight back.

So he goes long and throws a ‘Duke’ in Nazi faces?

Not quite. Gunslinger Joe can run right through his enemies with a devastating shoulder tackle, sending them crashing to the ground. Sometimes, if he has enough of a run up, it can even kill them.

And that’s definitely the highlight of this DLC because Joe can blast through walls by channeling his inner Hulk and send doors crumpling to the ground in a heap. The mechanic never stops being fun and satisfying because it lets us fulfil our dreams of trampling Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members. It’s just a shame that it all ends rather quickly.

The story is a paper thin revenge mission which sees Joe pursue his arch nemesis, Metze throughout while building up the same arsenal of weapons from Wolf 2 – nothing new here. And without doubt, Gunslinger Joe is all about smash-mouth, in-your-face action which The New Colossus did so well. Sadly, though, Gunslinger Joe doesn’t even offer half the creativity.

If you’re lucky, Gunslinger Joe will last you an hour. The content is split up into three short parts and when it’s over, there’s not much cause to revisit.  

There are a few collectibles to find here and there and you can check out challenge rooms and replay all sections on harder difficulties in order to improve your score, but generally, this is a one and done piece of content that is mostly mindless and pretty forgettable.

Joe himself is a bit of a bland protagonist who certainly lacks the aura and intensity of Blazkowicz and even his shoulder tackle mechanic is borrowed from BJ in game one. So he’s not actually doing anything new. 

So, The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe is not the start we were hoping for from The Freedom Chronicles. As a standalone, it’s not worth the money, though as a package deal in the Season Pass it might be better justified. Wolfenstein 2 is among the highest quality shooters this generation, it deserves better post-launch support than this. 


+ Fun shoulder tackle mechanic
+ Same run and gun fun


– So very short and forgettable
– One and done content
– No new weapons here
– Very pricey as a standalone

The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe

6 out of 10

Tested on PC

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