World of Warcraft Patch 5.2: The Thunder King now available for testing

WoW’s first major patch since the launch of Mists of Pandaria is now available on the Public Test Realm.

The preliminary notes are available for viewing on While some of these may change when the final version releases, they give a good indication of the changes coming to the monster MMO.

Some highlights include…

  • New Raid – Throne of Thunder: A citadel, split into four wings, housing 12 raid encounters. If players complete in Heroic mode, a 13th encounter will unlock
  • New World Bosses: Nalak, the Storm Lord & Oondasta
  • New Daily Quest Hub: Players join the assault to conquer Emperor Lei Shin’s island stronghold to unlock new questlines, special events and daily quest hubs. As players start to conquer the isle, it will allow blacksmiths to forge raid-worthy weapons.
  • Buy The Farm: If you’ve worked on Sunsong Ranch, the land can now be purchased from Farmer Yoon, and used as a rest-point for a character.
  • Various changes for all classes, especially Monks and Druids.

Full patch notes are linked below.



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