World of Warcraft Legion: Demon Hunter Starting Zone – As We Play

Amazingly, Legion is WoW’s sixth expansion! That’s extremely impressive.

World of Warcraft is one of a few MMORPGs that’s still working using a paid subscription model and is still iterating 12 years on. Blizzard feel there’s still life left in the old dog yet.

The engine has proven to be very flexible and dynamic, and this new class has some exciting new possibilities to offer.

We take a look at the Demon Hunter starting area, the customisation options available to the character, try out the initial skill set, and offer some initial impressions.

This mini-diary will spread to mid-Demon Hunter life, then eventually end-game Demon Hunter, offering a rounded impression of the class.

For now, see what the early stages of WoW Legion will offer your Demon Hunter…

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