Worms 3: Pocket Warfare

Worms 3 is finally available on iOS devices after years of waiting. Though, we’re admittedly a little surprised to see a major player like Team 17 focus on a mobile platform to release one of its most popular video-games.

The main part of the game is the campaign where players are most likely to spend a lot of time playing. There’s a lot of missions to play through with different obstacles to face in each one.

The controls have been designed with the touch screen in mind. This makes it far easier to direct those Worms to victory. Control is managed by an on-screen d-pad which makes it possible to move more easily. It even improves the way that some weapons are used – since the improved aiming mechanics are easier to use.

Those that somehow prefer the touch screen controls from previous Worms mobile video-games can also use them by switching in the menu. It’s a good way to ensure that anyone who is used to the old style touch controls can still enjoy this latest Worms adventure.

I had a lot of fun playing through each of the missions available. There are various environments to discover too – such as a beach or a sewer – and the visuals look great when playing with a device, such as an iPad. Although, at times, some of the maps may seem far too busy because of all the activity going on in the backdrops.

In typical Worms fashion, funny messages will often appear in-between turns. These are bound to make players laugh or just confuse them. It’s the sort of idea that may not have any real functionality, but it still manages to improve the time spent playing each match.

A new feature introduced in Worms 3 is the addition of cards. These cards cleverly add special attributes to a match. Each card has a different effect when activated in the match. The cards that were used all worked well and made it possible to play matches in a different way. One card made it so explosives would activate faster. This meant that the player could make use of this special attribute to come up with new strategies. It’s a clever idea that will most likely result in each match never being the same.

Body Count is a mode that will prove popular with long time Worms fans. It is similar to Survival mode in other video-games. The idea is to kill as many enemy worms as possible. There are rounds to get through and each becomes more difficult. It’s a worthy challenge to tackle and one that will probably come in handy for those long hours spent commuting to work.

As usual, there are all kinds of weapons to make use of in matches. There is a nice mix of old and new weapons for fans to appreciate. I found it particularly marvellous to witness some of the carnage after deploying one of the more powerful weapons.

Another fantastic idea is the Pass N Play mode that makes it possible to play against 3 other player. Those that own a fancy Apple TV can even link up a device to a big screen and play it. This feature makes it possible to plot moves on the iOS device since the other players can only see the outcome on the big screen.

It wasn’t possible to try this method at the preview event I attended, but it works just as well by playing in turns with a smaller iOS device. The idea of making a custom team of Worms, with their individual roles, also works exceptionally well.

Those inclined to do so can also participate in online matches. There are various modes to play in and the ability to not have to finish a match in one go is handy for those used to playing in short intervals.

This new Worms adventure proves that there are still plenty of ways to keep fans interested. Worms 3 is a pocket adventure that is full of features and modes that never cease to amuse. Team 17 has shown yet again that it is the number one source when it comes to worms.

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