WWE 2K22 DLC Dates and Characters Confirmed Post Launch

WWE 2K22 officially hits stores everywhere from today but there’s plenty more content to come in the weeks ahead.

Beginning on April 26, the Banzai Pack is headlined by super heavyweights Yokozuna, Umaga and Rikishi. Also included are The Giant Omos who’s fresh off tag-teaming with AJ Styles for the past few months and the brilliant Kacy Catanzaro.

On May 17 then, we get a Most Wanted Pack, headlined by Cactus Jack. Future Hall of Famer Vader is also included, along with the current NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov, Indi Hartwell and The Boogeyman.

The Stand Back Pack is next on June 7 with the Hurricane and Stacy Keibler front and centre. The bundle is then made up with A-Kid, Wes Lee, and Nash Carter.

June 28th’s oddly named Clowning Around Pack will finally add Ronda Rousey to the game, as well as Doudrop. You’ll also get Doink the Clown, The British Bulldog, Rick Boogs and Mr T. This one seems to be the pick of the bunch quite honestly.

Especially since the final pack adds both Machine Gun Kelly and Logan Paul to the mix in The Whole Dam Pack on July 19. Rob Van Dam is a great inclusion, though, as is LA Knight and Xia Li. Commander Azeez who also seems fixing for a confrontation with Omos at Wrestlemania rounds it all out.

That’s a lot of characters coming into WWE 2K22. Of course, people are wondering whether a certain American Nightmare might also sneak in with the rumour mill being what it is. Certainly no evidence to suggest that as yet, but I guess we’ll see in the weeks ahead.

It’s also a bit of a shame not to see Bad Bunny who’s been a big part of TV in the last year and had some brilliant matches.

For now, if you’re thinking about checking out WWE 2K22, spoiler, you definitely should. It’s the best the series has been in a long time!

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