Bioshock Infinite gets a Season Pass

Today, Irrational Games have confirmed that upcoming Bioshock Infinite will receive a Season Pass.

Bioshock Infinite will receive three all-new add-on packs for the price of two. There will also be an Early Bird Special Pack full of exclusive gameplay enhancing bonuses.

This shouldn’t be a massive surprise as Ken Levine recently stated that several hours of content needed to be cut from the game. It’s very likely that much of that cutting-room floor content is going to be sold seperately and offer additional side-stories into the Infinite world.

The Season Pass will be available March 26th and will provide nearly £24 of content for £15.99 on Playstation 3  or Windows PC or 1,600 MSP for Xbox Live.

The Early Bird Special Pack comes at no additional cost for those who purchase the Season Pass and it includes four pieces of exclusive gear. A Machine Gun Damage Upgrade, a Pistol Damage Upgrade, a Gold Skin for both weapons and five Infusion bottles to increase health, shield durability or ability to use Vigors. Those who purchase the Season Pass will also receive the Industrial Revolution Pack for free.



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