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SMITE welcomes Chang’e: Faerie of the Moon

SMITE has once again expanded its god roster with a new addition, Chang’e: Faerie of the Moon. This mage character has rather unique dance-themed abilities and will sway to the rhythm of the night. Her Moonflower Dance sees Chang’e twirl on a flower-scattered battlefield, healing herself and her nearby allies….

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RF Online 1.5 goes for big summer update

Today, RF Online will move to version 1.5, receiving a rather mahooosive Summer Update. OnNet Europe revealed the update, along with a list of new features, such as in-game events to celebrate. Yay! Events include Return Player rewards, New Player Rewards, a Cash Shop Lottery (you gotta be in it…


Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies DLC announced

You’ll hear no OBJECTION from us. Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies has a full DLC plan in Japan and (we hope) it’ll all carry across when the game is localised. There’s already a Costume Pack available (free of charge until August 15th) but coming soon is the Turnabout Quiz Deduction Series. Players…

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Saints Row 4 Season Pass Announced

The Hail to the Chief week continues with a major boom-worthy boom, Koch Media have announced that Saints Row 4 will have a Season Pass! Not only that but the game has gone GOLD. Yes, Gold. No delays. No hiccups. No unexpected last minute snags. You’re going to get Saints…