God of War DLC ended up being too ambitious but was really fun

Speaking on the GameOverGreggy show, God of War Game Director Cory Barlog revealed that there were plans for God of War DLC.

As we previously posted, a New Game + and additional gear was brought into the game in August but outside of that we hadn’t heard anything more about DLC. Until now.

Barlog revealed he had ‘a fun idea’ for a DLC but that the studio had decided against doing it because it was ‘too ambitious’. Cory compared the scale of the idea to The Last of Us ‘Left Behind’ and that it would have ended up being its own thing.

When he pitched to the studio, however, the team said to Cory that the idea was so ambitious and that, ultimately, it probably wouldn’t work as DLC as it’s a bit too big.

Perhaps it’ll end up being part of God of War 2? Who knows, but the full interview is definitely worth a watch because Cory Barlog may well be the best human and there’s some lovely sound bytes in here.

(Source Kinda Funny)

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