Bungie and Activision split after 8 years and what this means for Destiny

After 8 years of partnering together on delivering Destiny, Bungie and Activision parted ways over night.

The report came from Jason Schreier at Kotaku who, earlier in the day, had hinted that major news was coming out of a Bungie team meeting.

Later, it was revealed that the multi-million partnership between the two studios was over. But the bigger story is that Bungie themselves will now self-publish Destiny from this point forward. Activision will merely help to make it a smooth transition and focus on their own IP projects.

It’s been well documented that the relationship has been fragile, even before the first game shipped, but this is an outcome Bungie are very happy about.

Activision had previously revealed they weren’t happy with the sales figures for Destiny 2’s most recent expansion, Forsaken – which we said was our second favourite expansion last year – even though the expansion has received critical acclaim and the support of the community.

There will be no immediate changes to Destiny, and Bungie remain committed to the roadmap they previously put out. However, they intend to ‘surprise’ the community with ‘exciting announcements’ – What’s more, Destiny 2 will remain on Battle.net, despite this being an Activision Blizzard owned platform.

Perhaps most interestingly of all, though, Bungie has a new, unannounced game in development. Widely speculated to be Destiny 3, this could also be another new IP which Bungie would now hold exclusive publishing rights to in light of this new arrangement.

What this does mean is that Bungie can now deliver the Destiny experience they want without adhering to the constraints of their publisher. Whether we’ll see future expansions like Forsaken, or more free content updates instead, remains to be seen. The DLC scene is likely to be quite different as we move into 2019 and beyond.

One noticeable shift was Forsaken eventually being bundled with the previously released Season Pass. Though Bungie also have an annual pass for the game which is another money driver for them.

One thing is for sure, Destiny 3 – when it inevitably happens – should be a very different experience indeed.

Make sure to read the full report from Kotaku and we’ll keep you up to date with any other happenings as they develop.

(Source Kotaku)

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