Revenge of Antares DLC conquers Master of Orion on December 1

Master of Orion will get its long awaited major expansion – Revenge of Antares next week on December 1st.

Amongst other things, Revenge of Antares offers a new victory condition, gives access to independent civilizations and adds three new playable races to the game – Trilarians, Gnolam, and Elerians.

While this expansion will retail for £8.99, players will also be given a free expansion which lets them recruit new leaders into the battle, as well as go head-to-head a with new, non-player race, the Antarans. Players will also be able to interact with independent civilizations.


The Trilarians are a peaceful, aquatic race that will always try a diplomatic solution, but when their honor is challenged and they feel threatened, soon become a ferocious adversary.

Gnolams are skilled traders, that enjoy wealth and luck. This can make them extremely conniving, but also very transparent to deal with.

The Elerians will trade and communicate with other races, though are not reciprocal to any potential negative influences on their culture.

Finally, the non-playable Antarans are genetically engineered by unknown masters and are mostly mysterious. Overtime, they’ve become obsessed with war and constantly strive to expand their empire.

We hope to check the content out in full and give you our thoughts in the coming weeks. More as we get it.

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