3DS Stability Firmware released

A new system update is available to download for 3DS consoles now. Version 7.1.0-14 is a quick update that improves overall stability for the handheld. This means the 3DS will continue to perform at an enhanced level. Other minor adjustments have also been made to enhance the user’s experience but…

Content Update

Playstation Vita 2.60 Firmware goes live

Playstation Vita has received a new firmware update today that offers a wealth of welcome new features. Now users will be able to upload and download game sava data through Playstation Plus, as well as quick access certain settings, like brightness and wireless functions. A PSPlus icon has also been…


Gnomoria gets new update

Gnomoria, a sandbox village management sim is an in-development title on Steam and has just received another significant update. The title currently goes for £5.99 on Steam but is receiving regular, sometimes daily, updates. As the developers indicate… “Gnomoria is currently under development, but releases regular updates. We are actively…