Today’s deals have finally appeared on the dash and there are some gooduns…

Including The Orange Box, Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3 and Metal Gear HD Collection, here’s a list of the 24 hour deals…

  • Fallout 3 $4.99
  • Max Payne 3 $14.99
  • Orange Box $9.99
  • Left 4 Dead 2 $9.99
  • MGS 2 & 3 HD $9.99
  • MGS Peacewalker $9.99
  • Civilization Revolution $9.99
  • Batman Arkham Asylum $9.99

The Games on Demand version of Metal Gear HD Collection drops Peacewalker, thus its been sold separately.

Will you be picking any of these up?


  • Jameslee Husband

    Do u know when these games will be on sale on the UK Xbox live? The only one that is on sale here is Batman.

    • disqus_54voe50EE7

      that is probably because the prices for the other were all messed up. and now they are going around area by area repairing the issues. batman was the only one with the proper price. the others were listed as (example) 9.99 but when attempted purchase the system would say 24.99…microsoft oopsied!

      • Jameslee Husband

        So the sale could go on for an extra day then ?

  • Mehdi

    @jamesleehusband:disqus the only one thats on sale here in US is batman too, so we are in the same boat buddy…but nelson said it will release these sales later sunday

    • Jameslee Husband

      For a second there I thought it was US only for these games. Thanx for the fast reply man :)

  • Christos Kiriakakis

    How come when I choose left 4 dead 2 it still shows up as 29.99$?

  • Dale Sickler

    where is the sales????

    • disqus_54voe50EE7

      it is not on the dash anymore go to
      “games” then to the “Browse games” (also know as the game store) and there is a tab there that shows the sales when you click it…i know dumb to change it after all these past days of it just being in the same spot

  • Ben Gray

    Hoping to pick up Fallout 3 on the cheap, but they’re taking their time in putting the deals up. By the time I get online tomorrow, they would have changed!

  • brown

    According to Major Nelson, the list is quite different,

    • Ray Willmott

      Yeah. There are daily deals. These were deals back on Tuesday :)