Death Comes To SMITE

SMITE Hi-Rez Studios Controversial  multiplayer online battle arena-em-up has drafted a new god to the roster with Thanatos: Hand of Death now set to line up against the likes of Agni, Loki and Thor. Thanatos is a melee physical assassin with a big-ass scythe I’m sure that means something to you MOBA-ers out there…

The PR blurb states:

With Death Scythe Thanatos flings his scythe at opponents to deal damage. Those hit are also slowed, while healing Thanatos. The Scent of Death ability helps with mobility by removing any slow effects and giving a gain to movement speed and physical penetration. And with his ultimate ability, Hovering Death, Thanatos takes to the air before swooping down to damage or instantly kill enemies with a finishing blow, if their health is below a certain threshold. All others are stunned.

Why not take a look at the dude in action here:

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