Infernum Productions and Sony Online Entertainment have today announced the launch of Dragon’s Prophet, one of the largest dragon-based massively multiplayer online games ever created in Europe and North America. In this free-to-play MMO, players fight alongside and against hundreds of unique dragons that roam the land, sea and air.

From the press release:

Dragon’s Prophet combines an insane variety of powerful and majestic dragons with an action-based combat and end-game siege system to create one of the most unique gaming experiences for fantasy MMO enthusiasts,” said Todd Carson, Senior Producer of Dragon’s Prophet. “We know players are eager and ready for action and launch brings many exciting developments from Open Beta, including new dungeons, a level cap increase, a revamped Starting Zone, World Boss and the much-anticipated Frontier System.”

Beginning today, players can participate in massive player versus player (PvP) battles, form alliances consisting of multiple guilds, and experience aerial and mounted combat. Aided by siege weaponry and Alliance Guardian Dragons, alliances will engage in large-scale PvP wars to assert their superiority and achieve the ultimate prize: Eventual control of different territories in the Auratian Sky Islands.

Aspiring Prophets can explore, fight new creatures, and battle through four new dungeons in Inartia. They can also take on a skeletal World Boss and new quests in Puretia. Live broadcast functionality has been integrated into Dragon’s Prophet, and players will be able to stream their dragon capturing and fighting experiences directly to the Twitch Platform.

“We want to ensure that the player experience only improves and becomes more dragon-filled as we move forward,” said Tony Tang, founder and vice president of business development at Runewaker Entertainment. “We are continuing to work closely with both Infernum and SOE to design exciting features to be implemented post-launch like dragon versus dragon arenas, a raid system and air-to-air combat.”

Dragon’s Prophet takes place in the beautiful world of Auratia, a realm with a rich and turbulent history. Players must band together and battle and train a whole variety of dragons as they work to also restore order to the land. This, however, makes for a hard task due to the Great Devouring Dragon known as Kronos who since his escape from prison is more dangerous than ever before.

Featuring an action-based combat system and plenty of customization options, Dragon’s Prophet provides players with visceral action gameplay in battles on land and across the seas. Players can choose from four distinct character classes – ranger, sorcerer, guardian or oracle, as well as having the option of customizable housing.

Dragon’s Prophet is now available on PC systems via digital download in Europe from Infernum Productions or any of its digital partners, in North America from SOE as a Free to Play. Your Way™ title.

The game already has so much to offer: A deep background story, more than 1,500 quests, alongside more than 25 challenging dungeons with multiple difficulty settings and bosses, and a complex crafting system that includes item improvement and dragon shard system. With promises of regular content updates and an exclusive VIP system with daily login rewards, Dragon’s Prophet is an immersive experience and one you’d be crazy to miss out on.

Check out the screenshots below, and prepare your dragons for battle!

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