October 2013


October Indie Round-Up

Yo yo yo, sup fellow gamers. It’s your regular indie-game guru here, rounding up some of this month’s most exciting new releases. Game title: Knock-Knock Developer: Ice-pick Lodge Release date: 4th October 2013 A Kickstarter-funded adventure game, Knock-Knock is an eerie horror themed adventure game developed and published by Ice-Pick…

Playstation 4

Eurogamer 2013: Velocity 2X

I’m not really a Sony guy; I have spent the requisite time with standout exclusives such as the Uncharted series, but they’ve only been passing visits.  I suppose if you had to categorise me, I’d sit snuggly somewhere between PC and Xbox, read into that as you will.  I say…


As We Play: Forced Beta

As we play offers the thought strands of the reviewer as they’re going through the game. This offers unique content for the reader so they can come to understand the conflicting feelings of the reviewer as they’re playing a game for the very first time. All feedback on this concept…


Assassin’s Creed 4 Season Pass Announced

Oh, you’re surprised? We know you’re not really.. Assassin’s Creed 4 will indeed see a Season Pass following release and we’ve got the first trailer for the initial content! Entitled Freedom Cry, here it comes. Ooooo-arrr It was also confirmed today that Desmond will be making an appearance in modern-day…

As We Play

Beyond Two Souls: As We Play

Additional Aiden We can confirm that additional content will be coming to Beyond: Two Souls. The menu screen confirms as such. Entitled Advanced Experiments, there’s plenty of scope for offering further support for the game. We do know a 30 min DLC pack comes with the special edition of the…


Eurogamer Expo 2013: Fable Anniversary

Back in 2004, open world action role playing extravaganza Fable was released for the original Xbox.  The gorgeous setting and charming cast of characters gave players the chance to have a real impact on the world surrounding them, although famously not to the extent they had expected.  The game was…

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