Eminem Debuts Music Video For ‘Rap God’ – And It’s Full Of Video Game References

Whether its the Call Of Duty filled video to ‘Survival‘ or his involvement in the less than Stellar 50: Cent game it seems like Eminem can’t get enough of Video games.

If that wasn’t enough he’s gone and made us geeks proud by filling his new video for ‘Rap God’ with Portal references and Mario clips.

Check out the full video below and see if you can spot the two other gaming references (one is pretty brief).

After this outpouring of gamer love from Eminem and Kanye West’s recent found love of Architecture,  it shows that anything is possible.Who knows how long it will take for a  random celebrity to turn their hand at game design? I’m thinking it’ll be Bruce Willis…maybe.

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Tom Regan

Tom is a London based preview writer with a burning passion for gaming, he also writes for The Daily Joypad as well as doing freelance work.
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