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If I asked if you’d like to run a Country, you’d probably begin wondering what evil schemes as an omnipresent dictator you could accomplish, all while twiddling your waxed moustache.

Now imagine you got to play by the rules and your entire dictator-like dreams mean nothing as you’re worrying about unemployment affecting rising crime levels.  This isn’t what moustache twiddling meanies are supposed to fret about!?

The main idea behind Democracy3 is to run the country your own way and how you want to, understanding decisions that you make will sometimes be the one other people don’t like; for example increasing the cost of a packet of Cigarettes is going to increase the revenue to help build more schools, but at the same time the voters who enjoy the Filth Sticks are going to turn against you and your place in the polls may begin to decline or people stop buying cigarettes as they’re too high and you begin to lose cash.

After you’ve selected your party (and named it) you can see from the screenshot below, the initial introduction to the game looks extremely confusing with numerous dots all over the show.


More Dots!

Your world to control.

You’ll surely look at it like you look at the first page of an exam paper with a big, “WTF!” Luckily, there is a rather excellent tutorial that runs, one you should pay attention to; this isn’t a game where you can randomly mash the keys to score a win.

As you lay your mouse upon a spot, it shows you how this affects other areas of the “Country” (either negatively or positively) and it’s down to you to manage the whole kit and caboodle of it all.


You can do this in one of two ways, keep the money flowing in and make the rich richer or go a bit more liberal and allow the wealth to bring the low class life-style up to the same level, but make everything tax heavy for the upper classes and factories; either way you will pick up Nay-Sayers along the way and it’s your job to attempt to stay in power.

Overall, the game is quite good and once engaged, will keep you interested for a good few hours. You see how decisions made actually affect the country and soon come to realise that not every decision is the right decision; getting to see that Politicians often are damned if they do or don’t.

A lot of work has gone into this so players will be able to set up the rather complicated political dominoes for this Positech. That, alone, deserves a large round of applause.  However it doesn’t take long until  you’ve achieved the green bars of Utopia and you win the Nobel Peace Prize for just being great.

That being said, I did ruddy awful and as you can see below, my wife did a lot better.

My wife faired better.
The initial game suffers from a lack of longevity and immediate grab factor – though the longevity has been tackled by fans by releasing add-ons (for free) creating new scenarios and new countries.  While the grab factor cannot be changed, the game relies on you “getting it” and if you don’t, you’re just met with Spots and Lines.

Perhaps in the next release we could have a slow phase into the game, introducing the Spots and Lines instead of bombarding the user. It would also be good to see some more artwork rather than on the rare occasions.

Democracy3 is available on Steam –

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