December 2013

Content Update

Call of Duty Ghosts Season Pass outlined

The Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass has been outlined in a new video from Activision. The Season Pass will contain four new packs, each entitled Onslaught, Devastation, Invasion and Nemesis. Each pack will contain a bonus weapon and a ‘unique four part episodic Extinction experience.’ This would seem to…

Content Update

Marvel is coming to Minecraft

Minecraft on Xbox 360 will receive even more costumes and skins in a new update from 4J Studios. This time, however, we’re not celebrating games, but the brilliance of Marvel and The Avengers. The enormous pack will include a whopping 35 Marvel characters, such as Hulk, Loki, Thor, Iron Man…


Expensive Marvel Heroes DLC explained

VG247 have contacted Gazillion Entertainment around the lavish pricing for DLC in Marvel Heroes. Gazillion Entertainment recently released details of two DLC packs, priced at $129.99 and $99.99. Both add new villains and boosters to the game, and will release sometime between 2014 and 2015. Gazillion have defended the pricing,…


Gran Turismo 6 1.02 released

Many still can’t figure out why Gran Turismo 6 isn’t on PS4, but the game has only been out a few weeks on PS3 and is already receiving high levels of support. Patch 1.02 has just released and brings a few new changes to the game, particularly to the game’s…

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